Why Life Scrolled Her Down?

13599999_1027105664052784_4465424821606655021_nShe was a girl who always lived a better life from others; she loved to fly high and wanted to do so many different things in her life. She was Ambitious, Bold and a super lady, having broad visions and thoughts. But some beasts were hiding behind her; they wanted to cut her wings and put her down and deeper into an invisible Grave. Alas! One day they did so….

From their perspective, Woman is only a slave, nothing else. She is not able to perform what she wants to; they Limited her and dragged her into the dark side of life. They trapped her beautiful dreams and used to mold it up. Day by day, time by time every happy moment of her life collapsed.

She wanted to fight with them but Alas! LIFE SCROLLED HER DOWN.

 Now here the question is: who were those beasts??

Men?  Women? Animals?  some ghosts? (Human or Any other creature ?)


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