All about uConnect


We are living in a beautiful planet which is called “Earth” and earth seems more beautiful when we used to care for it, by the word care we are not only describing cleanliness. Focus on education and knowing the skills related to Information and communication technology is really a big part of CARE.

   What is ICT?

     ICT Stands for “Information and Communication Technologies.” ICT refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. It is similar to information technology (IT) but focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the Internet,wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums.

 ICT is an E-Learning Process


Elearning is the practice of using technology to support student engagement, self-direction, and learning, anywhere at any time. It is a reasonably new educational behavior and is part of the growing idea of “21st Century” learning.  This practice takes advantage of personally owned student technology devices, ubiquitous internet access, and creative teaching approaches. An eLearning tool provides the digital environment within which students accept work from the teachers, discuss, share and submit evidence of learning. Some systems are sophisticated and complex while others offer fewer features but are easier to use.

Typical eLearning features;
1. Distribute learning materials to students
2. Track student achievement
3. Set assessment tasks
4. Receive completed assessment tasks from students
5. Host moderated discussions, answer questions
6. Build a personal resource library
7. Access this learning environment from a variety of devices

 Technology World


This world is indeed a technological world. If we do not know anything about technology then it is like, we even do not know about our own self, in this competitive world we have to learn different skills especially things  related to ‘ICT’.

 What is uConnect?



 If we talk about UConnect platform then, it is all about learning or providing information and services, to guide youth about communication and Technologies. And whatever I have mentioned above regarding E-Learning things is actually based by UConnect for our Youth who lives in Gilgit. UConnect helps every individual who wants to learn all about technologies. Before starting this platform in Gilgit Jutiyal we have taken reviews from youth that are they really interested in learning what is ICT? Indeed the answer was positive because they are blank from such thing. When we asked them, that why they were not learning ICT before? The answer was “We do not have any opportunity and a good platform adding skilled teachers who can train us professionally.

(This answer pinched me so deeply that I used to start thinking on it day and night to creating a platform where youth can get together and learn “ICT” skills from professional trainers. This was the quite difficult decision for me because finding professional staff was a bit hard, but by the grace of GOD we have done that and now Our team takes special “ICT” classes where Youth can learn so many different things which are actually based on Information and communication Technology.

Shaan M.khan )

 The importance of “ICT” in Gilgit-Baltistan.



Modern information and communication technologies have created a “global village,” in which people can communicate with others across the world as if they were living next door. For this reason, ICT is often studied in the context of how modern communication technologies affect society. Gilgit-Baltistan is part of this global village and it is now a developed city, we can easily find so many talented people who are serving in different fields in a very passionate manner.  ICT is really an important way which covers half of the professional life. But the most important thing is we should be able to know all about it.

       Indeed our Gilgit-Baltistan youth is so talented and sharp mind that they can pick every single thing in just a while and we are here to polish their skills and make them future shining stars.

We offered them different ICT-related courses through which they are able to learn all about IT as per their interest, Professional, and skilled trainer can make them more strong and ambitious on their life goals.

 This is really a great platform and we recommend every individual who is here in Gilgit-Baltistan that they may come and join the classes and learn all about ICT.

Aims of uConnect



Aims of uConnect are visible that they have created such a beautiful platform for the benefits of students that they may learn and know about Information and Communication technologies.

  There are so many opportunities for Gilgit Baltistan’s youth that they may come and join the uConnect platform and learn all about ICT. They can perform in different fields ahead as professionals.  uConnect is here to make every individual perfect they may be able to go ahead in this competitive world.

Trainers work on uConnet Platform

uConnect gives opportunities to both trainers and trainee that they may join this amazing platform and earn benefits. Our UConnect Trainers are indeed the professionals and they are here to provide what is best in them to those students who have a passion for learning ICT.

 Most of the uConnect Gilgit trainers are Professional Entrepreneurs; they are here in our platform to distribute their knowledge among each trainee. They always give their best with true feelings or deep from their heart. We do not have any age limits in our platform of uConnect If anybody wants to learn with the passion for their bright future, so we will surely welcome them. But indeed education matters a lot, so every trainee must be qualified. We started our program with the aim of bright futures of our youth, because if they achieve a bright future then it will directly effect on our city Gilgit-Baltistan .

Being a Trainee every individual should learn passionately and after learning they have to guide others that what is actually ICT and what are the benefits. And uConnect is always here to help them out in every technical moment of life but only if they will be a part of uConnect. At the end of the training, uConnect will let the Trainees know the new and full bright opportunities, that they may cross all the borders and grab their seats into ICT world professionally.

 Short Summary of uConnect

Main Aim of the uConnect platform is to provide the best knowledge towards every student who is present in different areas of Gilgit. Because everyone wants to learn things related to ICT for sure, and this uConnect platform is especially for those students who are from the field of ICT.

   uConnect is here to guide them and to polish their skills to make them best of the best.



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